Indian god delay spray reviews

Another day another delay spray review. Its time for the Indian God spray from

From the outside its only a small bottle (15ml) and very easy to use. Like most delay spray its best to spray on the tip of your penis then rub it until desolved a good 45 to 60 min before sex.

I have used other delay sprays on the market before and had some bad experience with numbness. There was once I was numbed for over 3 hours using this spray while I was in Thailand.

The first 10 mins after using the Indian God I can feel a slightly numbness and tingling on the tip of my penis but realised that it went away after the 30min mark. Although the numbness is still there which is what I expected but its a quite  enjoyable feeling having my girlfriend massaging the Indian God spray on for me.

Here comes the action, upon entry the tip of my penis is numbed but I can still feel every sensation during sex. This spray is amazing, after 15 mins I can still going strong and it seems like I can push it harder.

25 mins passed and the Indian God delay spray live up to its name. Only god can stop me now, for over 2 years I can only go pass the 20min mark with tablets but the indian god helped me to last longer during sex.

Before you know it I saw my target, lock and loaded and empty my cartridge at around 45mins which is good for someome like myself normally last about 10mins.

1. Numbness 4/10
2. Duration 45min
3. Value for money 10/10
4. Side affects 2/10 numbness last for an extra 30min after sex
5. Ease of applications 10/10

Overall I do recommended the Indian God delay spray as it increases my time during sex over 300%

Indian god is available at fantasia for only $29.95


Tera Patrick’s Fleshlight reviews result

Another great review for the latest Tera Patrick’s fleshlight from

Through research and development FleshLight Tera Patrick are made from medical grade silicone and molded from Tera Patrick’s own pussy.

Her vigina lips are nice and soft like a real vagina, the colour are soft pink which is exactly what she looks like from all the porn that I have watched.

To start off the weight if Tera Patrick’s is perfect to hold or mounted on the shower wall.

In order to simulate a more natural feeling i will be using a warming lubricant. Its always nicer to put your cock into a warm pussy!

Upon entry her lips are extremely soft with the warming lubricant I can feel thing amazing sensation as soon as her vigina lip hugs the tip of my cock. Further in I can feel every inch of the her vagina wall hugs every inch of my cock tightly. The design is to stretch and to “hug fit” any cock size.

With this Tera Patrick’s Fleshlight you will also feel sensation for both pull and push due to design bristles in the tunnel walls.
As I go deeper I realized that it gets tighter yet softer which gives you an amazing feeling that literally hit the spot. I can no longer hold it after about 10 mins and creampie Tera Patrick.

To compare Fleshlight with one another is a very hard thing to do, as they are equally good in their own way. I would suggest you stick to your favorite porn star and you wont be disappointed.

Tune in next time for the rest of the delay spray reviews. We will also invited a female sex therapist/sextoy review in the coming weeks to join our blog.

Also please give us feed back or post a topic you would like our panel to discuss.

You can purchase your very own Tera Patrick FleshLight for only $94.95AUD at


Stud100 delay spray result

First I was reluctant to try any delay spray on the market at all because of the numbness feeling.

After trying this product over a period of 3 days, I find that you only apply a small amount where is needed. I have a feeling lots of men out there spray the whole f*cking bottle on their cock so they loose all sensations when having intercourse.

I apply a small amount on the tip of my penis before sex and give it a good massage, I still can feel sensations from the bottom of my shaft all the way to the tip of my cock.

Overall this product gives me about 20 to 25 mins extra every time I have sex.

1. Numbness 5/10 (10 as in I can’t feel my dick!)
2. Duration 9/10 (I was very happy with extra 20 minutes)
3. Value for money 10/10 (money can’t buy happiness)
4. Side affects 3/10 (numbness hangs around on and off for the next few hours)
5. Ease of applications (10/10) what can I can , just a spray!



Lisa Ann FleshLight review results

Lisa Ann FleshLight

Finally we have some result for our best seller the Lisa Ann FleshLight

To have the best result we are using a warming lubricant (either swiss navy or four season) this will give you that warm sensation upon entry.

Have her lips lubricated, I start my descend with my hard cock touching the soft vagina lips. The silicone on this FleshLight is amazing, a medical grade silicone provides a very soft texture which makes any man would think its a real pussy if they closed your eyes.

Upon entry there are thousands of soft bristles that hugs me tight and brushes from the tip of all along the way down as I go deeper into this warm and wet tunnel.

I was surprise how nice and tight her vagina are made, it is  also designed to stretch to a point where it just fits my cock perfectly. The intensity continues as if I was in another world having sex with Lisa Ann, at this point I can no longer hold it, I have to release the beast in myself and finish with the biggest orgasm of my life into my favorite porn star.

The cleaning up was very simple, just run it under water and add a little sex toy cleaner.

I will be back with Tera Patrick’s and delay spray review results shortly.


fleshlight and delay spray reviews

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing a few different delay sprays Lisa Ann’s and Tera Patrick’s Fleshlight here at funtasia sex toy shop sydney.

There are about 10 different delay sprays available at Funtasia the adult shop Sydney but i will only be focusing on the top 3 delay spray on the market

Top 3 delay spray available at funtasia the adult ahop sydney:

1. STUD100
2. indian god delay spray
3. Power spray

All these products have the same purpose, given you and your partner longer lasting sex.

The purpose of this review is ongoing feed back and questions from customers. I will divided the results of my findings into different categories when using each delay spray products at funtasia adult toys sydney to give the most accurate and detailed result so you can choose for your next sex experience.

Categories are :
1. Numbness
2. Duration
3. Value for money
4. Side affects
5. Ease of applications

I will be starting review Stud 100 delay spray tommorow.

Let me know if there is any other information you would like in my findings so I can include in my result.

Those of you who are looking for reviews on erectile dysfunction tablets such as kamagra, viagra, cialis, Levitra or any other supplements. I will do doing that in the coming month.