What is medical grade silicone used in sex toy?

Most premium sex toys available on the market are wrapped in medical grade silicone.

What is medical grade silicone? What us the difference from normal silicone? How safe is medical grade silicone? Is medical grade silicone expensive? How to clean medical grade silicone? Can medical grade silicone safe to use in your body?  Can i wash my vibrator under hot water? How store my vibrators?

All the questions above will be answered in this blog. We get loads of emails so Im going to answer all today.

Medical grade silicone is what they use in hospitals and medical research facilities. It is as close to a human flesh tissue as possible, the feel of the of it, the density and weight are also very close to human flesh.

Medical grade silicone is very safe to use external and internal. There are designs where the surface has an antibacterial layer which is excellent for sex toy products.

Medical grade silicone used to be very expensive but the price has dropped dramatically in the past few years because of the high demand so supply is plentiful.

Medical grade silicone can be was under hot or cold water, it can also be use with  any household lidquid soap.

Once was and dry medical grade slicone can be store in a cupboard for next use.

Is it safe to use sex toys?

Short answer is YES! but there is cases where people do get injuries using sex toys.

You will come across articles regarding horror stories where people admitted to hospital for surgically removal of sex toys. That is extreme cases.

Always follow instructions and if it hurts DONT DO IT! something is wrong there if its painful, unless its a nice pain the go ahead.

Always use a premium lube like swiss navy, PlayOn, ANAL Glide, Pjur or wett stuff. Silicone toys can absorb lube more then you think so always add extra lube when playing with toys.

Rules of thumb, always use a good anal lube when stick anything up your butt. Your body do not produce natural lubricant in that area and it gets dry real quick as your body also absorbed some of the lube.

A large number of manufacturers start to introduce medical grade silicone and anti bacterial silicone surface on sex toys skins so cleaning and storing is easier and safer.

To care for your sex toys, always wash after use with an anti bacterial soap under running water then dry with a paper towel. Always use a toy anti bacterial spray, leave it air dry then store.

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What is pegging?

Pegging is another term for anal sex. It was considered as a extreme form of sexual fantasy and only a norm in gay relationships however but in recent years its becoming very popular in straight relationships for both man and womens.

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So what do we know about pegging? We all know anal sex but pegging is more of a fetish. Its a slow play of anal stimulation with the aid of an anal sex toy like a butt plug, anal vibrator or a trap on attached with anal dong.

Survey from mens magazine in 2019 shows that over 60% of straight mens in relationships have try pegging and over 40% ask their partner to perform pegging on a regular basis.

To enjoy pegging you need the right tool and lubricants otherwise it will be a horrible experience.

1. Choose a premium grade anal lubricant like swiss navy or pjur baack door.

Also its best to get Some kind of anal numbing spray or cream

2. For beginners start with a small anal plug as foreplay before attach a pegger to the harness for anal stimulation

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