help with erection after prostate surgery

We have hundreds of calls to our helpline and people coming into our store daily asking for help with erection after prostate surgery.

At funtasia the adult shop we have lots of tools for help men experience prostate issues to get an erection and maintain an erection.

Most clients comes in search for an quick solution but many forget that there is no quick solution for such serious problem, it requires times and patience. The following are some of the products we have in store and online to aid erection problem

  • cock rings
  • penis pumps
  • tablets
  • prostate massager

The most common tools to help men with prostate problems that caused erectile dysfunction is the penis pump. What is a penis pump?

Penis pump is a medical device not a sex toy. Its a vacuum for your penis to assist with blood flow and stimulate the muscles inside the penis. As a result you will gain a hard erection.

Over the years men have discover that not only the penis pump help men with prostate problems to get a rock hard erection but also maintain this erection. Another advantage for long term user is the increase in size and girth of the penis.

Another tools to assist with maintain a rock hard erection is the cock ring for users with prostate surgery or prostate cancer. It is a silicone ring that goes onto the end of your penis as close to your balls as possible.

By using a cock rings user with prostate problems with be able to maintain a steady blood flow to stay in the penis for long hence the erection will last longer.

Many clients with erectile dysfunction who had prostate cancer or prostate surgery also benefit from prostate massager. This is a vibrating device where you insert into your anus and rub it against the prostate to stimulate and create a erection.

Together with all the products mentioned, anyone with erectile dysfunction as a result of prostate surgery/cancer will continue to enjoy their sex life.

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