how to guide to anal sex

5 ways to improve anal sex experience

Anal sex is can be very uncomfortable for some people. So its either you love or you dont.

If you are in the group of people that hates it then you might be doing it the wrong way. Here are 7 steps that you want to try in a bid to enhance your experience

1. Foreplay

Very important in both anal and vaginal sex, this is where some part of your muscles tense up and other part relax.

use you finger for anal foreplay

2. Anal beeds

anal beads is one of the first anl sex toy we stock at Funtasia the Adult shop.

This tool normally start with a small beeds at the tipnthen gradually gets bigger.

Because if the design its the anal toy of choice for beginners and experienced users.

It is great to use because anal intercourse

3. butt plugs

Butt plugs has veen around adult shops for around 40 years. Previously there was nothing commercially available, mostly home made from pvc ornrubber materials.

Modern butt plugs at funtasia the adult shpp are made from high quality TPE silicone.

Natural and soft feel when touch, it works very well wirh lubricants. Textured and smooth surface allows both friction and pleasure.

Butt plugs can be use during foreplay or day to day exercise to relax and expand your anal muscles.

4. Anal gel / lubricants

You will need a good quality anal lubricant if you want a good anal experience.

Humans do not have natural lubrication in the anus only vaginal. So use a silicone based anal gel will last longer and will not dry

5. Prostate massager

An excellent way to relax those anal mussels. The more you use these massagers the more the muscles learn to relax and expand.

Funtasia the Adult shop stock many range of battery operated vibrating prostate massagers and manual massagers

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