how to make her cum and squirt

how to make her cum

As a professional sex toy consultant at Funtasia the adult shop we are trained to support our customers requirements.

Either you are a male partner wants to satisfy your girlfriend/wife or you’re in a same sex relationship wants to explore.

These are few of the questions we get on a regular basis I wish to share

1. where is the g spot
2. how do i make my partner climax
3. i cant make my partner reach orgasm
4. why does it take so long for my partner to climax
5. what type toys should I buy
6. I’m not sure what size vibrator to get
7. what lubricant to use

and many other which we will discuss later

To answer the above question with a blanket answer is that everyone is different and our body change as we get older.

What we might like in our late teens or early 20’s might change when we hit middle age or early maturity. I always tell my client to tell ask for what you want because if you never ask you will never get. Simple! That’s life.

When it comes to the question of duration of sex before climax or cum for a female. there is no short answer but if it takes you more then 30 min to make her climax, orgasm or cum then you are doing it wrong.

The average duration of intercourse, sex, fucking, banging or what ever you call it should be around 15 min max. This excludes foreplay.

We are so “into it” these days we forget about the foreplay. If you spend 5 or 10 minutes foreplay then half of the work is already done.

The most important thing to remember is for a female to climax you need two ingredients
1. the clitorial simulation
2. gspot vaginal simulation or massage

This two key area need a good massage with your finger using a good lubricant before intercourse will help with climax during sex.
When is it ready for intercourse? you will notice the clitoris will get a little red and swollen. also inside the vagina about 4 or 5 cm in you will notice a spongy area starts to get swollen if you massage with your finger upwards.

This can be achieve using g spot vibrators and clitoral stimulation bullets. Both sex toy can be purchase at Funtasia the adult shop.

in the next few blog post we will go in more details about each topic.

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