Improve anal sex experience

7 ways to improve anal sex experience

Anal sex is can be very uncomfortable for some people. So its either you love or you don’t

If you are in the group of people that hates it then you might be doing it the wrong way. Here are 7 steps that you want to try in a bid to enhance your experience

1. Foreplay

Very important in both anal and vaginal sex, this is where some part of your muscles tense up and other part relax.

use you finger for anal foreplay

2. Anal beads

Anal beads is one of the first sex toys on the market, it is design to slowly stimulate and stretch the rectum muscles before anal sex. Funtasia the adult shop have a huge range of anal beads

3. Anal Plug

Similar to anal beads, plugs are a little larger. It is the next step up from beads help to stretch the rectum muscles further to prepare for intercourse

4. Anal lube

Lubricant is very important during anal sex. The right anal lube will make the experience for both parties more enjoyable. Always use a good quality anal lubricant like Anal Glide, Swiss Navy, Wet Stuff etc

Funtasia the adult shop stock over 10 different brands of lubricant of water base, silicone or special anal lubes

5. Numbing spray

This is one factor most people overlooked. A spray the help to numbs the area help to relax the muscles and help of with partner with a larger penis. At Funtasia we stock Analyze me

6. Re-apply lubes

Anal sex will need a little more lube then normal sex. Always reapply during intercourse to reduce friction to better the experience

7. Take your time

Its not always easy to put something large into a small hole. Take your time is very important, start slow.

Hope that helps. please let me know if you want to know more about our sex toy products at funtasia the adult shop


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