Funtasia mobile store at Bella Vista Hotel

Funtasia the Adult shop warehouse will have a pop up store tonight at Bella Vista hotel from 6pm.

there will be entertainment provided it the Magic Mikes team, over 10 hot male strippers tonight in the show.

we will have all our products at thw show for purchase at a special discount of 20% off for tonight only.

a door price also be given to one lucky winner, a selection of the best vibrators, dongs, Lingeries, wanda, hand cuffs, masks and many more for you and your partner.

if you cant make it tonight just go into anyone of our store and mention thus post you will also get 20% off.

Funtasia Adult shop in West Ryde

Funtasia adult shop in Penrith

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bondage bdsm dominatrix leather taboos

what is bdsm?

what is dominatrix?

what is bondage?

All the above terms have been around for many years and yet some people still not sure what is the real meaning.

Sex has been around since mankind first walk the earth and bdsm, bondage, dominatrix, fetish, sex slave, ass worships, breast tits worship has been around ever since. however it has evolved with the aid of inventions of new tools and technology. We see more sex toys developing to satisfy a niche maket in this area. the adult shop stock a huge range of high quality fetish, bdsm, dominatrix products.

Adult shop at Bella Vista

Funtasia the Adult shop mobile store will be at Bella Vista hotel on the 3rd October for Magic Mikes night from 6pm til late

For all the ladies and some gents that will be there, we have a Magic Mike night promotion of 20% off on all purchase.

As Christmas is getting closer its a good idea to check all our products for those naughty presents you want for yourself or your partner.

We will have a huge range of vibrators, dongs, Lingeries, massage oils, ladies and gents enhancements suppliments.

There is also a lucky door

price value over $200 for one lucky guest.

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Huge range of sexy lingerie

Funtasia the adult warehouse stock over 500 style of lingerie. We specialise in lingerie for people in the business such as brothels, strip club and private escorts.

Funtasia lingerie are high quality because we understand the important of quality. Lingerie need to feel comfortable, it needs to feel sexy and most importantly it needs to look sexy. Whether you need it to spice up your love life for your boyfriend, husband, girlfriends or whatever in between we have all the colors and styles you can choose.

There is also a huge range of latex and leather lingerie for those who have a leather fetish. Also, it would be a good compliment to check our range of BDSM products, again over 500 different types

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Biggest Party Planner in Australia

Funtasia the Adult Shop warehouse is the biggest party planner organisation in Australia. We have over 20 party planners earning over $2000 per month for simply just having fun organising adult toys parties.

We give the highest commission in the market and yearly bonus up to $10000 based on performance.

If you would like to work 3 to 4 hours per week and potentially earning upwards of $2000 per month then we are looking for you.

Call us on 02 9874 0655 or email you resume to


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PrettyLove products on discounts

Funtasia just stocked a huge range of pretty love products. vibrators, g spot stimulantors, dongs, wireless devices, water proof vibes.
Realistic medical grade silicone, anti bacterial surface, easy to clean and store.
A grade lithium battery provides hours of play and quick recharge so you don’t have to wait for too long for seconds.
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does Sex machine makes you squirt?

what is SEX MACHINE?

How does sex machine work?

Does sex machine make you cum or squirt?

I always wondered if Sex Machines exist or is it something that only those with a good imagination can create. I have now found it! our first Sex Machine also known as the Machine Gun.

All i can say is WOW ! WOW! WOW!

Its real and it does exist and they are sitting in our store for all to see.

How does it work?

Simple, pick anyb size dildo, place it on and away you go. There is various speeds and vibrations for you to pick and choose.

We have had so much interest in these that literally they are selling themselves.

Finally, no hand work required!

Check them out before they sell out!


Need a bigger Penis Quick? Do a Penis Pump work?

For thousands of years man have tried different techniques to increase the size of the penis. The Chinese used to rub herbal oils and supplements to allow more blood flow into the penis, the Greeks and Indians use an ancient massage technique but nothing seems to have a good result with permanent penis size increase until the Penis Pump was introduce.

Do a Penis Pump work? Does Penis Pump give me permanent result?

If you are asking these questions then you have come to the right place. There is also questions such as Does my penis normal? or Is my Penis big enough? You often ask yourself these question because of many factors maybe a bad experience you have with a girlfriend in the past or you compare your own to a porn video.

Regardless of what your answer is to the above question, the true answer is Bigger Penis is always better. The only way you can achieve a bigger penis size is with a penis pump, that’s it! Nothing else will help. Do not trust online website trying to sell you magic tablets or  cream to increase your man size, its all FAKE!

what is a penis pump?

Penis pump is a medical device, it is a air pump suction device that draws the air from the chamber to allow your penis muscles to expand larger then you normally would with an erection.

Steps on how to use a penis pump

  1. Insert your Penis into the penis pump
  2. Push the penis pump against your pelvis to create a tight and clean contact
  3. squeeze the pump to draw air out of the tube
  4. stop squeezing the pump when you start to feel enough pressure
  5. release air and remove pump
  6. quickly insert a cock ring onto the end of your penis
  7. leave your penis erected with cock ring on for about 5 min
  8. remove ring and repeat of required

Note: Stop using if you feel any discomfort and seek medical advice from your doctor.

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what is so good about masturbators likes fleshlight and pocket pussys

For all you men out there wearing out your hands and arms just to get the sexual tension release. Yes! I am talking about wanking or jerking off!

Thanks to revolutionary technology, masterbation has been improved immensely with the development of the the fleshlight. Along with the human skin like silicone materials to mimic favorite entry points such as the vagina, rectum, and mouth its fast becoming even better than the real thing.

Heere at Funtasia The Adult Shop we stock a wide range for you to choose with different vibrations and feel to satisfy any masterbation dreams.

You can pick from …. list point forms of the flash lights we have…

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