Stud100 delay spray result

First I was reluctant to try any delay spray on the market at all because of the numbness feeling.

After trying this product over a period of 3 days, I find that you only apply a small amount where is needed. I have a feeling lots of men out there spray the whole f*cking bottle on their cock so they loose all sensations when having intercourse.

I apply a small amount on the tip of my penis before sex and give it a good massage, I still can feel sensations from the bottom of my shaft all the way to the tip of my cock.

Overall this product gives me about 20 to 25 mins extra every time I have sex.

1. Numbness 5/10 (10 as in I can’t feel my dick!)
2. Duration 9/10 (I was very happy with extra 20 minutes)
3. Value for money 10/10 (money can’t buy happiness)
4. Side affects 3/10 (numbness hangs around on and off for the next few hours)
5. Ease of applications (10/10) what can I can , just a spray!



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